Code of Conduct

We want our Plexal members to make valuable connections, collaborate in business and grow their companies. We have created the following the guidelines to help you and your fellow members get the most business value out of your time at Plexal and make use of the services on offer.

The Community

Connections: Try everyday to make a connections, collaborate, share ideas, provide advice and have those serendipitous moments! When someone new reaches out to you please give them the time of day. 

Helping others: What can the community help you with? How can you help the community? Please ask and contribute both in person and through the online space management system!

Spam/Selling: Please don’t spam members/mentors through personal or sales messages.  

(The only people on site directly selling their services will be the pre-screened and Plexal approved professional services companies).

Noise: Plexal is a collaborative working environment so there will always be a level of noise, especially on the mezzanine level, however please be mindful of others working and take lengthy conversations to the city centre or park.

Discrimination: Plexal is a discrimination and harassment free environment in which we seek diversity. We have a zero tolerance policy for any discriminatory remarks or harassing behavior that fails to respect the dignity and feelings of individuals in the centre. Let us know immediately if you encounter any such activity.

The Environment

Cleanliness: Please keep your workspace and the community shared areas clean and tidy. Put all rubbish and recycling in the appropriate bins and  return cutlery/utensils to the kitchen.

Security: Please take responsibility for your possessions and take all the security precautions you can.

Community areas: The community shared areas of the city centre and Plexal Park are for your convenience. Please use them to relax and approach and meet others!

Snugs/booths: Snugs are for 3-4 people and phone booths are for private conversations. Please limit your time in these areas to 1 hour so everyone can use them.

We may be forced to take action against any members who are not adhering to the code of conduct. You agree to the Plexal code of conduct. Most important, you agree to take pride and ownership in the Plexal community!